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"You deserved better than this, Carter..."

- Elms after Carter's death(src)

Carter was a mercenary marine in service to the Terran Dominion.


Carter took part in the Battle of Adena, after an illicit operation prompted by Commander Naderi resulted in Dominion ground forces coming under attack by the zerg, and being forced to ally with Daelaam forces under Admiral Urun for mutual survival. During the battle, Elms told the surviving marines that the zerg were planning an ambush, and that they had to stop them. One of the DMC marines refused to go into the caves, pointing out that Elms was just a mercenary, and that they should try to contact their battlecruiser. Carter pointed out that there was no-one left, and that the battlecruiser couldn't get to them in time.


Carter and his fellow marines

Carter and the other marines followed Elms down into the cave. However, they came under attack by a group of infestors.[2] They were able to fight off the zerg, but not before a larva got into the suit of Gary. Elms ordered Carter to take point with Yong, but the group ran into a large swath of zerg hiding in the caverns. The marines managed to escape, with Elms revealing to them their operation was illegal and black market. Yong collapsed a cavern behind them, allowing Cater and his allies to escape the caverns. The protoss outside held off Niadra's zerg to allow the terrans to escape, but soon Urun was felled, and Niadra ordered her zerg to descend on the terrans.[3]

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Carter is killed

As they ran across the surface, Carter contacted Captain Hogarth, requesting support. However, as they didn't have the jorium he'd been after, Hogarth terminated the connection, leaving the marines and mercenaries to die in a bid to cover his tracks. With no recourse left, they kept heading for the dropship. They planned to head through a structure, to cut through it, and reach the craft on the other side. As they approached however, a number of zerg unburrowed. An unidentified strain shot Carter in the back with a blast of acid, breaking down his armor and body within seconds. Elms noted that Carter deserved better before she retreated into the structure along with her fellow marines.[1]


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