Castor Mezzo was an anti-Confederate and anti-Dominion rebel.

His former student, Turfa Dei believed that Mezzo didn't truly oppose the governments, and just wanted the glory of being a rebel leader.


Castor Mezzo was an anti-Confederate rebel when he trained a young Turfa Dei. Some time before July 2490 Dei and Mezzo severed their partnership, since Dei realized that Mezzo's stated views were just an attempt to improve his popularity.

When the Confederacy was defeated and the Dominion formed, Mezzo quickly made himself into an anti-Dominion rebel.[1]

On The RunEdit

In August 2502 Mezzo, pursued by the Dominion, took shelter at Hudderstown Colony, Agria, where Dei's "family" lived. A female ghost pursued, killing most of the colonists, although one was able to make a distress call before being slain. Mezzo and a few survivors hid in a shelter.

Dei and the War Pigs followed the distress call back to Hudderstown Colony, noting the massacre. Dei traveled alone to the shelter, only to be ambushed by the ghost. She read his mind, focusing on thoughts of Mezzo. Dei finally made it to the shelter, but the ghost had followed. However, he and the War Pigs defeated her.

Mezzo admitted he would find another group of people to shelter him, even though this could draw in more Dominion troops seeking reprisals. Dei promptly shot him in the face.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Castor Mezzo's first name is possibly a reference to Fidel Castro, a famous Cuban rebel and revolutionary.


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