"This place'll dry you out in more ways than one."

- Sergeant Tiller(src)

Cavir is a planet populated by feral zerg, located on the demilitarized zone between Terran Dominion and Zerg Swarm space.[1]

The planet is arid—very little grows on Cavir, and dehydration is a risk. It contains a number of bacteria and spores that are lethal to humans, but can be inoculated against.[2]


Under the SwarmEdit

Daggoth used the planet as a birthing colony for his Tiamat Brood. After the death of their master, the zerg became feral and fought each other. During the Second Great War, Abathur discovered a small group of lurkers among the survivors.[3]

Plot branch : Kerrigan decides to evolve the hydralisk

Sarah Kerrigan was able to control the group of lurkers, but couldn't morph more of them. Abathur informed her that a key sequence was missing, and that a lurker den was required. One was found nearby and the group of lurkers was used to protect it from more feral zerg until Broodmother Kilysa arrived to recover its essence.[3]

Plot branch ends here

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm that is ambiguously canonical.

At some point between the End War and One-Day War, the planet was re-visited by the rogue brood of Abathur and Mukav, who were plotting against Overqueen Zagara. The anub'alisk, which had been created to safeguard the colony, was incorporated into their brood.[4]

The Demilitarized ZoneEdit

BattleCampPitcarin Soldiers Comic1

Zerg forces descend on Camp Pitcairn.

After the End War, Cavir fell into the demilitarized zone between the space of the Zerg Swarm and the Terran Dominion.[2] Dominion marines were retained on world to keep the peace between the two races, though feral zerg still lurked on the planet. Some terran settlements were founded, and many illegal terran miners came to the planet to prospect, and the Dominion marines on world would normally turn a blind eye to them.[2] However, these miners aggravated zerg attacks, which drastically spiked since their arrival.[5] When the Dominion moved to relocate the miners, they became resistant and violent, refusing to leave. The zerg on the planet meanwhile began to move as though they were coordinated by some intelligence.[6] Soon however zerg attacks boiled over, and waves of zerg assaulted the main terran military base of Camp Pitcairn.[5] The Battle of Camp Pitcairn was a brutal brawl between the zerg forces under a nearby queen and the Dominion, miners, and Tiger's Claw mercenaries, but soon the queen was destroyed, scattering the zerg. Miners and mercenaries continued to illegally operate out of the planet in the wake of the victory.

Eight years later, Camp Pitcairn still remained as a Dominion outpost on the planet.[7]

Known LocationsEdit

DMZ Soldiers Comic1

The designated areas on Cavir




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