Cavir is a planet populated by feral zerg, located far away from Dominion Space.[1]


Daggoth used the planet as a birthing colony for his Tiamat Brood. After the death of their master, the zerg became feral and fought each other. During the Second Great War, Abathur discovered a small group of lurkers among the survivors.[2]

Plot branch : Kerrigan decides to evolve the hydralisk

Sarah Kerrigan was able to control the group of lurkers, but couldn't morph more of them. Abathur informed her that a key sequence was missing, and that a lurker den was required. One was found nearby and the group of lurkers was used to protect it from more feral zerg until Broodmother Kilysa arrived to recover its essence.[2]

Plot branch ends here

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm that is ambiguously canonical.

At some point between the End War and One-Day War, the planet was re-visited by the rogue brood of Abathur and Mukav, who were plotting against Overqueen Zagara. The anub'alisk, which had been created to safeguard the colony, was incorporated into their brood.[3]


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