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The Cerros Shipyards is a top secret Terran Dominion shipyard which was used used to repair and refuel Gorgon-class battlecruisers. The shipyard was also where the experimental war machine Xanthos was designed and built.[1]


The Cerros Shipyards are the primary refueling and repair station for Dominion Gorgons, largely considered to be the most powerful in the Dominion Fleet. As such only a select few individuals have knowledge of the shipyard and what is tested there. Gorgons brought into the shipyards are drydocked, and maintained by a series of repair drones, who also conduct maintenance on the shipyards' infrastructure. These drones generally operate on the edge of the shipyard platforms, so to not impede general traffic. On the platform, the Gorgon's J23 missiles are disarmed and stored while repairs are being made, as is standard procedure. After repairs are finished, the shipyards refuel the Gorgons.

Additional weapons are tested in the shipyard, such as the experimental Xanthos war machine.[1]


The Cerros Shipyards served as a top secret repair station for the Gorgon-class battlecruisers, long considered key to the might of the Dominion Fleet of Emperor Valerian Mengsk. Experimental weapons such as the Xanthos were also designed and tested in the shipyards.

The Xanthos at the Cerros Shipyards

After evading capture from Terran Dominion forces on Vardona, General Carolina Davis, former Dominion general and leader of the Defenders of Man separatist group took the Medusa and began to attack the shipyards. She and her most loyal Defenders of Man took up positions around the Xanthos, and activated it, seeking to use it to destroy the Gorgons in the shipyard and cripple the Dominion Fleet. She was trailed by Agent Nova Terra and her Covert Ops Crew, as well as Admiral Matt Horner. Horner set up forces around the Gorgon, while Nova's forces attacked the Xanthos while it was engaging the Gorgons, disabling its weapon systems and forcing it to retreat for repairs. Horner then brought the Hyperion down to the platform to push through the Defenders of Man's lines. After several pushes, the Dominion broke the Defender's lines and began to engage the Xanthos as it underwent repairs.

However, Davis activated a mode of the Xanthos secret even to the Dominion's top scientists, and used a powerful thermal beam to attack the Dominion forces. As the battle began to turn against her, she called in all remaining Defenders of Man to assist her, but the Dominion destroyed them and incapacitated the Xanthos. Inside, Carolina Davis was still alive, and Nova infiltrated the machine, and against Valerian's direct order killed General Davis[1]. This act branded her as a fugitive, and she and her crew became a vigilante squadron after fleeing the Dominion.[2]


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