"Dr. Stetmann? I'm Dr. Chantal de Vries. It's my pleasure to show you around one of the laboratories."
"Nice to meet you. I'm very excited. About the lab. I mean, I've done my best to study the zerg with the facilities I have, but—"
"Come on. I'm going to show you things that'll knock your socks off."

- de Vries greets Egon Stetmann(src)

Chantal de Vries was a terran scientist who served the Moebius Foundation. She had pale skin, gray eyes, and jet-black hair. Valerian Mengsk considered her to have a striking appearance. She possessed three degrees.


Alongside her fellow scientists, de Vries greeted Jim Raynor, Egon Stetmann and Valerian Mengsk as they arrived at Space Station Prometheus. She shook Stetmann's hand, who was instantly interested in her. They headed off together to one of the station's labs. As soon as they reached it, de Vries drew out a slugthrower and pointed it into Stetmann's backside, ordering him to speak into a recording device. He babbled a bit; enough for her to feed it into an adjutant's data files, which would allow her to synthesize his voice if anyone tried to contact him. Emil Narud wanted him alive. But that didn't stop her from knocking him out, binding him, and stashing him underneath a desk in a supply closet.[1]


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