Chanuk (colloquially known as "Chunk") is an asteroid in orbit of Gantuan VI, courtesy of being ensnared by the gas giant's gravity. Its orbit is smooth, steady and predictable.[1]


In 2499, the Kel-Morian Combine set up a mining operation on the asteroid, harvesting its veins of minerals. Domed central hubs provided accommodation, with regulated oxygen and gravity accelerators. Over the years of the mining operation, the asteroid was riddled with numerous shafts, excavations, slopes and adits and by 2504, many of them had been depleted. Still, the asteroid's viability was projected to extend for at least a few more years.

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In the same year, Chanuk's operation ground to a halt as it was targeted by the Players' Club—an anti-Combine pirate organization. Several Club members had infiltrated the asteroid under the pretense of no longer being associated with the group. Stolen explosives were planted in Deep Core 6, the shaft being sealed off soon afterward. The asteroid's transports were sabotaged, preventing the miners from leaving. Help came from an unexpected source however, namely in the form of the Dominion Marine Corps. Their sole concern being making a dent in the Players' Club, marauder Isaac White abandoned his unit to help the miners. He successfully de-activated the charges before they detonated, saving the asteroid and its staff.[1]


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