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|[[File:Nova SC-G Head1.jpg|link=Nova Terra|100px]]
|[[File:Nova SC-G Head1.jpg|link=Nova Terra|100px]]
|'''[[Nova Terra]]'''
|'''[[Nova Terra|Nova]]'''

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The following is a list of major characters in the StarCraft games. For a full list of StarCraft universe characters, see Category:Characters.

StarCraft Characters

Terran Characters

GerardDuGalle SCR HeadAnim EdmundDuke SCR HeadAnim SamirDuran SCR HeadAnim
Gerard DuGalle Edmund Duke Samir Duran
SarahKerrigan SCR HeadAnim ArcturusMengsk SCR HeadAnim JimRaynor SCR HeadAnim
Sarah Kerrigan Arcturus Mengsk Jim Raynor
AlexeiStukov SCR HeadAnim
Alexei Stukov

Protoss Characters

Aldaris SCR HeadAnim Artanis SCR HeadAnim FenixDragoon SCR HeadAnim
Aldaris Artanis Fenix
Raszagal SCR HeadAnim Tassadar SCR HeadAnim Zeratul SCR HeadAnim
Raszagal Tassadar Zeratul

Zerg Characters

Daggoth SCR HeadAnim SamirDuran SCR HeadAnim InfestedKerrigan SCR HeadAnim
Daggoth Infested Duran Infested Kerrigan
Overmind SCR HeadAnim Daggoth SCR HeadAnim AlexeiStukov SCR HeadAnim
Overmind Second Overmind Infested Stukov
Zasz SCR HeadAnim

StarCraft: Ghost Characters

Nova SC-G Head1

StarCraft II Characters

Terran Characters

CarolinaDavis SC2-NCO Head2 TychusFindlay SC2 Head4 MiraHan SC2 Head1
Carolina Davis Tychus Findlay Mira Han
ArielHanson SC2 Head2 GravenHill SC2 Head1 MattHorner SC2 Head2
Ariel Hanson Graven Hill Matt Horner
Kachinsky SC2 Head1 KateLockwell SC2 Head1 ArcturusMengsk SC2 Head3
Milo Kachinsky Kate Lockwell Arcturus Mengsk
ValerianMengsk SC2 Head1 Narud SC2 Head1 Orlan SC2 Head1
Valerian Mengsk Emil Narud Orlan
JimRaynor SC2 Head2 Reigel SC2Screen EgonStetmann SC2 Head1
Jim Raynor Reigel Egon Stetmann
RorySwann SC2 Head2 Nova Terra SC2-NCO Head1 150x228px
Rory Swann Nova Terra Annabelle Thatcher
GabrielTosh SC2 Head2 Horace Warfield SC2 Head1
Gabriel Tosh Horace Warfield

Protoss Characters

Alarak SC2-LotV Portrait Artanis SC2-LotV Portrait ZealotSentinel LotV Portrait
Alarak Artanis Clolarion
Ji'nara SC2-LotV Head2 Karax SC2-LotV Portrait Ma'lash SC2-LotV Head2
Ji'nara Karax Ma'lash
Mohandar SC2 Head1 TaldarimExecutor SC2 Head1 Rohana SC2 Head1
Mohandar Nyon Rohana
Selendis SC2-LotV Portrait Talandar SC2-LotV Head2 Talis SC2-LotV Head1
Selendis Talandar Talis
Urun SC2 Head1 Vorazun SC2-LotV Portrait Zeratul SC2 Head2
Urun Vorazun Zeratul

Zerg Characters

Abathur SC2 Portrait Infested Stukov SC2-HotS Portrait Dehaka SC2-HotS Portrait
Abathur Alexei Stukov Dehaka
Izsha SC2-HotS Portrait PrimalKerrigan SC2-Hots Head1 Zagara SC2-HosS Portrait
Izsha Kerrigan Zagara
Primal Zerg Characters
Brakk SC2-HoTS Head1 Mitoscarab SC2-HotS Head1 Slivan SC2-HoTS Head1
Brakk Kraith Slivan
Yagdra SC2-HoTS Head1 Zurvan SC2-HotS Portrait
Yagdra Zurvan

Xel'naga Characters

Amon SC2-LotV Portrait SarahKerrigan SC2-LotV Head1 EmilNarud SC2-LotV Head2
Amon Kerrigan Narud
Ouros SC2 Portrait
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