The Charon A36 is a Korhalian light freighter. The ship had fallen prey to a pirate attack, however the Terran Dominion seized it back, though kept its seizure off of any record.

The ship was utilized by Terran Dominion ghost agent Nova Terra in her raid on the Umojan Protectorate space platform the Keep. Nova faked that the ship was offline, and injected a toxin in her that simulated her being dead. The Charon was pulled aboard the station and brought into the hanger bay.

After Nova woke up, she made her way back to the Charon and took the prototype phase disruptor and explosives from the ship. She planted the explosives on the evacuation ships, and a fake explosive in the maintenance shaft. After retrieving the data disks she required from the Keep's vault, Nova escaped aboard the ship carrying the Charon, and evacuated the Keep before reinforcements arrived.[1]


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