Chewitel "Choosey" Wsoro is a lieutenant in Raynor's Raiders and member of the SceeVee Special Engineering Corps.


Wsoro used to work for the Confederate Mining Consortium, working as a "blasting man" on Old Faithful. He was "cherry picked right under their noses" by Bill Bousquette.[1]

The Fightin' SceeVeesEdit

"Oh yeah. That. We had a little problem with some zerg."
"How? That're lucky...I mean...Were...were you able to mine anywhere near the, ah, four hundred payloads you were sent for?"
Of course not, kid. We mined eight hundred payloads."

- Wsoro and Hathaway upon the latter's arrival(src)

During the Second Great War, Wsoro and the rest of his unit were deployed to Gurdlac. Wsoro pounded out a minimum vital equipment statement to the Raiders. Bousquette used the mission briefing to reassure them that he'd talked with Jim Raynor over the issue of their long hours. Wsoro gave him his confidence that if there was anything Bousquette could do about the overtime issue, he'd be able to do it.

Things took a turn for the worse on the surface, when the unit came under attack by zerglings. The unit formed up on Wsoro, and he led them out of the ambush zone. After they had broken free, he bitterly exclaimed that it was a trap, that the zerg had been waiting for them. Having entered a canyon, Bousquette devised a plan to deal with the zerglings. Wsoro was assigned to use explosives to widen the canyon entrance. They would use explosives and other traps to deal with the zerglings. The plan worked, with Bousquette acting as bait. Wsoro then used his SCV's tow chain and hauled the sergeant skyward along with Corporal Liam Griffud. After this, Wsoro flicked the switch that activated the explosives that had been set up in the canyon, killing the zerglings.

With the zerglings gone, the unit returned to work. Lieutenant Hathaway was assigned to retrieve them. Wsoro sarcastically commented that it had taken him long enough to arrive, and informed him that they'd mined twice their assigned payload.[1]


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