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Christopher Vincent "Thundergod" Metzen was Blizzard Entertainment's vice president of creative direction.


Metzen joined Blizzard in 1994, at the age of 19. He had originally envisoned himself bouncing around from positions in the film, comics, and game industries. He describes himself at the time as "a stupid-ass kid with some potential" who "loved drawing and making stuff up."[1]

Metzen was responsible for most of the storylines and lore (through instruction manuals, etc.) found in the Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft series of games as well as concept art and character design. His position in creative development gave him the reins over lore and storylines created for the games of the Blizzard franchise, the foundations of which were laid by previous designers. Metzen also supervised the lore created for the pen & paper rpg, mangas, and novels of Blizzard's universes. He voiced numerous characters in the Warcraft and StarCraft games.[2]

Metzen worked with Blizzard's cinematic team, and gave feedback on its storyboards.[3]

Although taking on a mainly supervising role, Metzen developed concept art of his own. He describes his style as "a comic-type approach to fantasy and sci-fi" and cites Walt Simonson, Jim Lee, Alex Ross, Larry Elmore, and Keith Parkinson among his inspirations in character design. He also admits his preference for designing heroes and villains over doing monster and mechanical design.[2]

He voiced the battlecruiser, ghost, and marine in StarCraft I and Brood War.[4]

Metzen was responsible for the creation of Blizzard's "strike teams," which offer feedback on projects within the company and ensure that the company's design culture remains intact.[1] In 2015, Metzen had a hands-off role to story development.[5]

Metzen left Blizzard in late 2016, entering retirement.[6]

Works of FictionEdit

Metzen took on the role of author/co-author of works in the Warcraft universe and is the author of the StarCraft short story StarCraft: Revelations.

He authored a Jim Raynor story for StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 4 called Homecoming.[7]

Other WorkEdit

Metzen did work outside of Blizzard Entertainment as well, such as a comic book about a second American civil war in the near future.[8] He worked on the Transformers: Autocracy series, a 12-issue 8-page miniseries by IDW publishing, available online only via browser, iPad and iPhone.[9]



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