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"Wait, didn't you write one of their StarCraft novels?"
"I wrote five, actually. :D"

- Golden in a discussion on Twitter(src)

Christie Golden is an award-winning author who lives in Denver, Colorado, United States. She has written numerous novels and short stories in fantasy, horror and science fiction, among which are StarCraft and Warcraft works.

Golden was confirmed to be working at Blizzard from the period of May[1][2] to November, 2017, in story and franchise development.[3] In October, she announced that she had become a full-time employee at Blizzard,[4] holding the position of senior writer.[5]

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Golden familiarized herself with the StarCraft universe over a period of six months, watching over her husband's shoulder as he played StarCraft and Brood War.[6]

If given a timeframe to choose from, Golden would like to flesh out more protoss history.[6] She has also expressed interest in writing a short story from the zerg's point of view, but admits that doing so would be a challenge. [7]


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