Christmas is Earth holiday of the religion of Christianity that was regularly celebrated from its conception well into the 21st century. The rise of the United Powers League in the 2200s saw a crackdown on old world religions,[1] with many sects of Christianity and aspects connected to it being banned by the Unitariate Commissions in 2231.[2]

In spite of this, celebration of the holiday continued through the Long Sleep into the Koprulu sector. Christmas trees could be found on Tarsonis during the rule of the Terran Confederacy, and many terrans used the holiday regularly in their day to day expressions.[3]


The following article or section contains information from a Christmas map and may not be canon.

On the fringes of the Koprulu sector lay Planet Christmas, where Christmas Village lay. It came under attack by the Zergrinch, they were defeated by Santa's Friends.[4]


  • The protoss holiday of Khas'mas is likely a combination of the names of Christmas and the protoss hero Khas.


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