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Chuck Tyrosine was a laconic Kel-Morian combat specialist working for a scavenger team.


Serving on the salvage vessel Generous Profit under Uriah Cyris, Tyrosine embarked on numerous salvage missions alongside Macy Clift and Luke Keegan. However, constant bad luck in their sites of salvage not only drained their financial supplies, but put Cyris in a perpetually foul mood. And landing on a standard Fringe World which had apparently once housed a mining colony didn't change this. However, despite the eerieness of the place, it featured a treasure trove of digital information that Clift set about extracting. Things started to go downhill from here however. The door to the operations center suddenly closed, Keegan's cries heard outside. By the time Clift got the door open, he had vanished.

With decryption of the data set to take two hours, Cyris ordered Tyrosine to embark on a patrol through the facility, while he did the same. Tyrosine obeyed, hearing what sounded like children singing the entire time. Tyrosine lost his nerve, heading back to the ops center. He demanded that they leave immediately, a suggestion that Clift agreed with. Cyris didn't however, motivated by the profit the extracted data could bring. Still, Cyris being killed by an invisible attacker and Tyrosine's "spray and pray" gunfire not hitting anything made the commander's orders somewhat academic. Oddly enough, Tyrosine's mindset improved, willing to wait for the decryption to be complete, glad that he wouldn't have to work for someone like Uriah anymore.

He met the same fate as Uriah while standing on guard as Clift tried to persuade him to benefit from the "therapeutic effects" of conversation.


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