"So we remain here and continue our work, until the light finishes its. In a decade, there will be no life left, barring us brothers. And the universe will be ours!"

The Church of Besainted Pelagius is a scientific cult. They believe aliens such as the protoss will eventually come to eradicate all life except them, after which the universe will belong to the cult.

All of its technology is considered holy, per the Supreme Watchmaker's "temporal presence".[1]

History[edit | edit source]

During the reign of the Terran Confederacy, the group settled on a remote Fringe World with standard gravity and a ferrous core, setting up a mining facility. The colonists continued about their lives, loyal to the faith and surrounded by propaganda – the Confederacy the tyrant, Pelagius akin to a messiah figure.

Things started to go awry as a number of strange deaths started occurring. At first ignored, the body count continued to rise, sending the cult into panic. Barricades were constructed and search teams were organized but no solution was found. Some began to believe that the end times had come and despite their beliefs, would not be spared.

Eventually, Pelagius created a device that revealed and captured the intruder—a ghost assassin of the Confederacy sent to terminate the movement, fearing the scope of its influence. This was a turning point in the Church's history, as Pelagius was not only able to convert the agent to his will, but use his neural inhibitor as a means of enforcing faith in the ghost and all other members. In addition, he took the movement underground, understanding how vital privacy was.[1]

This remained true in 2502[2] when a Kel-Morian salvage team touched down on the planet. Its combatant members were killed while the non-combatants converted.[1]

Membership[edit | edit source]

Brother Pelagius

"Ghost Brother"

All cult members were referred to as "Brother" (regardless of gender) followed by a number. There were "High Brothers" and "lesser brothers". There were many children present within the cult but were not members at such a young age; they were referred to as "the children" rather than "brothers." Apart from Pelagius, all cultists were implanted with modified neural inhibitor technology after the capture of the Ghost Brother, ensuring their obedience to the faith. This resulted in a glazed look in their eyes.[1]

Known cultists include:

References[edit | edit source]

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