Cindy is a terran female with medical training.[1]


Cindy met Kern, an injured reaper who came under her care, at the Dominion hospital on New Sydney where she worked as a nurse. They apparently fell in love while Kern healed and she helped him learn to walk again with a prosthetic leg. He and Cindy moved to the remote colony world of Roxara and had a daughter, Tiffy. They displayed a small sign of a medical cross in front of their home, likely to indicate that Cindy could provide medical assistance if needed.[1]

The two worried about Tiffy leaving the security of their home.[1] One day in 2503,[2] Tiffy went beyond the limits imposed by her parents in search of a "magic angel", a dark templar named Lassatar. Her worried parents went looking for her.[1]

While they were out, an old enemy from Kern's past, Nero, arrived. He had intended to kill Kern, but upon noticing his family, decided to kill Cindy and Tiffy in front of him. Lassatar had invisibly escorted Tiffy back home and attacked Nero.

Following the battle, Lassatar read Kern's mind and saw details of Cindy's relationship with Kern.[1]


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