Cirion Multinational Corporation (often referred to as CMC) is a corporation that designed the CMC-400A Powered Combat Suit for the United Earth Directorate,[1] and possibly created the CMC Powered Combat Suit series of armor in the Koprulu sector.


According to Alternity: StarCraft Edition and trivia, the company was known for its development of the CMC Powered Combat Suit,[2] CMC-405 light combat armor (worn by Alliance medics)[3] and CMC Light Combat Armor.[4] However, this information was at least partially superseded in StarCraft II: Heaven's Devils, where the acronym stood for Confederate Marine Corps.[5] The ACADEMY Hobby Model Kit in their marine model states that the corporation designed the UED's CMC-400A Powered Combat Suit, making it possible that there is a difference between the Koprulu and UED CMC armor classes.[1]

Cirion may be the home planet of the Cirion Multinational Corporation, but no confirmed connection between the two has been made.[6]


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