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The Citadel (or the Daelaam Citadel) was a large structure in Talematros where the Daelaam Hierarchy would convene. It was guarded by a number of sentries and zealots. Within, holos of distance stars and galaxies decorated the main hall, and banners of each protoss tribe draped over the walls.[1]


The Citadel was constructed by the Nerazim long before the Brood War. It was a large pyramidal structure that had a reflective alloy surface, and was protected by plasma shields. It sat on a massive floating disc, that during the day levitated above the city, but at night would sit on the planet's surface. The entrance to the Citadel was similar to that of a vault, and it possessed an inner courtyard. Past the entrance lay the inner chamber. The Citadel's antechambers were without ornament. This was in contrast to the Citadel's heart, where the Hierarchy gathered. It was decorated with colorful patterns and banners representing the various protoss tribes. Crystal panes set into the sides of the room had displayed a forest of stars and galaxies, real-time projections of space recorded by satellites in orbit around Shakuras.[1]

After the Brood War, the Citadel was appropriated as the seat of the Hierarchy.[1] It was here that Artanis made the decision to permanently become Hierarch of the Daelaam, leading the united protoss government. This was done after much debate, which nearly lead to the Hierarchy's collapse.[2]

When Rosemary Dahl and Vartanil, a former Tal'darim, arrived on Shakuras through the warp gate in 2503, the meeting to decide what to do regarding Ulrezaj and the preserver Zamara was held in this citadel, with the various council members overlooking the arrivals.[3]

Prior to the Reclamation of Aiur, the Citadel was overtaken by the dark templar Taelus and four of his followers. They destroyed the citadel's security sentries and took down the Daelaam flag that hung over the temple, and replaced it with a Nerazim one. Tensions were high as Artanis ordered Executor Selendis to send a force of zealots to apprehend the insurgents, but Mohandar and Vorazun personally decided to intervene, attempting diplomacy. When it was clear Taelus wanted to die to spark a conflict between the two people (even detonating explosives, tearing through the Citadel's top), Vorazun and Mohandar personally fought them, non-lethally taking down Taelus's men, but not before Tealus killed Mohandar. Outraged, Vorazun fought Taelus and killed her former student. The Citadel was returned to Daelaam control without further incident.[1]


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