Clandestine Mercenaries working for or with Samir Duran were observed by Zeratul's warband on an unidentified dark moon.

The mercenaries conducted an experiment using ursadons, in which broodlings were being raised. Slaying all the ursadons resulted in a broodling emerging from within one of them.

The mercenaries had access to some protoss technology, such as stasis cells outfitted with computers, pylons, and photon cannons. At least one stasis cell didn't work properly; when Zeratul investigated one, psychic feedback caused the death of the prisoner within. Other stasis cells contained prisoners such as several high templar and even an archon, and still others contained an infested terran and several zerglings. The mercenaries had mixed the DNA of protoss and zerg, creating a protoss/zerg hybrid.[1]

The dark moon installation was wiped out by Zeratul's warband.[2] However, hybrid research would continue with other terran[3][4] bodies.[5]


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