Cliff Nadaner was a terran, who was an anti-Terran Confederacy and anti-Terran Dominion rebel.

Nadaner was tall and broad-shouldered. He had receding brown hair and a hook nose.[1]


Nadaner used to work for a factory. Jealous that another employee was winning as many "employee of the month" awards as he did, he arranged for an "accident" to cripple that employee. While this succeeded, yet another employee won the award.

Nadaner later joined the Confederate Marine Corps[1] as a lieutenant. He led a troop which was instrumental in putting down the Andasar City rebellion on Antiga Prime, killing everyone in the settlement (resulting in the deaths of thousands).[2]

He was passed over for promotion six times before he left the marines. He later started his anti-Confederate movement, which had an anarchist philosophy. He was inspired by the Sons of Korhal rebel movement, but was also jealous of them as they were much more successful than he was.[1]

Tarsonis City AttackEdit

He launched an attack against the Terra family and other Old Families on Tarsonis days after the Sons of Korhal launched a terrorist strike on the same world.

His forces killed three members of the Terra Family and a number of their servants but were completely wiped out by young Nova Terra. The other families that were attacked that day suffered much smaller losses.[1]

Enemy of the DominionEdit

After the defeat of the Terran Confederacy and the establishment of the Terran Dominion, Nadaner turned his guns onto the Terran Dominion. However he was generally unsuccessful and hid in a dead spot on a nearly uninhabited continent of Tyrador VIII.

Nadaner was located by Nova as part of her "graduation exercise" shortly before becoming a full-fledged ghost. When Nova read his mind, she said he had a "psychosis", which partly explained his actions. Since Nadaner had her family killed, she had a personal stake in the mission; her orders were to kill him using her mind, which she did.[1]


Nadaner was a charismatic individual and was able to gather a small rebel force around himself. Known followers included:

Terra AttackersEdit

The Bitter EndEdit


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