The Colonial Militia (a.k.a. Colonial Marines)[1] is an aspect of the armed forces of the Terran Dominion[2] and at the time of its existence, the Terran Confederacy.[1]


On at least some planets such as Mar Sara, the militia was also the local police force. On others, such as the fringe world of New Sydney, the police departments were not referred to by this name.[3]

Terran ConfederacyEdit

The Terran Confederacy made extensive use of Colonial Militia among the Fringe Worlds, such militias often acting as a first, and sometimes only line of defense. Militia officers were sometimes situated high in the chain of command[4] while others were looked down upon.[5] Confederate Militia had access to light vehicles such as the Vulture[6] and while well-armed, also relied on antiquated equipment to an extent.[1]

Support from the Confederate military could be unreliable based on prevailing political or strategic needs. For example, the Mar Sara Colonial Militia received very little assistance against the zerg due to such machinations[7] while the Brontes IV Colonial Militia requested assistance and received a ghost unit.[8][9]

Terran DominionEdit

Upon its formation, the Dominion Armed Forces conscripted survivors of the Confederate Armed Forces.[10] "Backwater" militias retained their lowly status, and had low priority when receiving advanced equipment.[2]

Known MilitiasEdit

Known MilitiamenEdit

Brontes IVEdit

Mar SaraEdit


In real life, colonial militias existed in nations such as the United States which were founded as colonies. They often fought beside the forces of the founding power (e.g. Great Britain), often playing a subordinate role.


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