Colors are used to distinguish different players in StarCraft and StarCraft II.


There are eight player colors, linked to each player slot. Unless specified by the map, players can choose their own color before a game starts.

Player Number Color Terran Name Zerg Name Protoss Name
1 Red Elite Guard Tiamat Brood Ara Tribe
2 Blue Mar Sara Surtur Brood Sargas Tribe
3 Teal (most common hero color) Kel-Morian Combine Fenris Brood Akilae Tribe
4 Purple Antiga Jormungand Brood Furinax Tribe
5 Orange Delta Squadron Garm Brood Auriga Tribe
6 Brown (Green on desert maps) Omega Squadron (StarCraft), Atlas Wing (Brood War) Grendel Brood Venatir Tribe
7 White (Green on ice maps) Alpha Squadron (StarCraft), Cronus Wing (Brood War) Baelrog Brood Shelak Tribe
8 Yellow Epsilon Squadron Leviathan Brood Velari Tribe

There are two different yellow colors, one slightly paler than the other. Custom map editors also include tan and dark aqua (the neutral blue color), and various other options.[1]

Patch 1.23.1 extended the selectable color palette to 22.[2]

StarCraft II

Players are usually able to choose their color before a custom match starts.

There are eight primary player colors: red, blue, teal, purple, yellow, orange, green and light pink, with white being reserved for neutral units. More colors are available typically in games with more players. Colors are changed depending on the tileset as to not impact gameplay.

As of Patch 3.3.0, players are able to choose what colors appear for the player's, allied, neutral and enemy units under options.[3] There is also a color intensity slider.

In single-player missions, colors are not explicitly associated with force names, but red terrans are usually The Dominion, blue are Raynor's Raiders, and pink Mira's Mercs. Moebius Corps are yellow and the Covert Ops Crew are black terran and use a different skin set. Kerrigan's Swarm is consistently colored purple in the single player campaigns, with feral zerg usually being colored orange and Amon Brood being colored red. In the Legacy of the Void campaign, player controlled protoss Daelaam are colored blue or teal, Purifiers are colored orange, and Nerazim are purple. Both Tal'darim and corrupted Khalai are red. The Tal'darim protoss faction are teal/aqua in the Wings of Liberty campaign, blue in Heart of the Swarm, and given their own red skins in Legacy of the Void.

In Co-op Missions, each commander has their own default color.

  • Raynor - Blue
  • Kerrigan - Magenta
  • Artanis, Nova - Teal
  • Swann, Fenix, Stetmann - Orange
  • Zagara - Dark Blue
  • Vorazun - Purple
  • Karax, Abathur - Yellow
  • Alarak - Dark Red
  • Stukov - Light Purple
  • Dehaka - Blue Grey
  • Han and Horner - Rose
  • Tychus - Tuscany
  • Zeratul - Aquamarine
  • Mengsk - Red Brown



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