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Colossus reactors are reactors developed by the Terran Confederacy for use in their battlecruisers. Their output is greater than the standard battlecruiser reactors, and it was made specifically to compensate for the high energy consumption of the yamato cannon.[1] However, poor maintenance of these reactors would give them a tendency to leak.

In the aftermath of the Brood War, the power sources for Behemoth-class battlecruisers, colossus reactors included, were phased out in favor of fusion technology.[2]

Game EffectEdit

InterColReact Terran SC1
Colossus Reactor
  • Increases battlecruiser maximum energy by 50.
  • Increases battlecruiser starting energy from 50 to 62.5.
Purchased from Physics lab
Hotkey C
Cost 150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 Gas Terran SC1 166Time SC2 Game1


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