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Combat drugs

The combat drugs administered to reapers are a potent cocktail of cell stimulants and growth hormones derived from the stimpack base. They boost the regenerative properties of the human body by 800%, which allows reapers in the field to quickly treat most types of injury. The healing process starts a few seconds after administering a dose of the substance, which is often credited with saving more lives than some field medics. [1] However, these cytokenetic drugs have been known to cause growth-related side effects.[2]

Under the reign of Valerian Mengsk, the reapers were no longer required to use combat drugs.[3]

Game EffectEdit

CombatDrugs SC2-HotS Icon
Combat Drugs

Reapers heal for 2.8 HP every second if the Reaper is not attacked for 7 seconds.


Note that this ability is exclusive to Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void.


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