"Strength. Pride. Discipline."

- Ideals of the CMC(src)

The Confederate Marine Corps was the best known military arm of the Terran Confederacy military,[1] acting as the heart of the Confederate Armed Forces.[2] Having existed for more than two centuries as of the Great War, it was older than the Confederacy itself.[1]


"If you want to survive in the military, you're going to have to stop acting like some damn Boy Scout. In the Marines, you follow the orders you're given. And that's it. Period. You go sticking your nose in places it don't belong and you're liable to get it bitten off. That's what being in the Marines is all about, Mengsk. Orders. We start deciding the orders we want to obey and the ones we don't and you know what you get? Anarchy."

- Captain Angelina Emillian(src)

Jacobs SC1 Art1

A Confederate marine

The Corps drew part of its manpower from various criminals and troublemakers who underwent counseling, drug therapy[1] and neural resocialization.[3] Available positions within the corps were listed by Occupational Field (OF) and included the Preferred Experience Base (PEB) and Occupational Summary (OS) for each Field.[1] Thanks to the resocialization, morale among the Corps was the highest of any military organization at the time of its operation. Recruiting centers were located in most major cities and penal facilities.[2] Before the Guild Wars, only 50% of recruited marines saw combat, the other 50% either dropped out of boot camp, died in training accidents, became resocialized, or were put into desk jobs.

Voluntary enlistment was uncommon; a career in the Corps was generally regarded as a last resort. Recruitment drives and increased pay prior to the Guild Wars increased voluntary enlistments. However at the same time half of recruits failed to complete, or were disabled during, training; the remainder were almost guaranteed to see combat. Regardless, upon enlistment or conscription, a marine's past life was considered irrelevant. Terms of service were more flexible however, their length determined by the threat level as ordained by Confederate High Command.[4] Either away, any recruit's entry to the CMC began in boot camp—a hellish place, by all accounts, where brutal drill instructors ruled and recruits were routinely abused. And if a recruit failed to pass boot camp the first time around, they were forced to repeat the process. Standard training (including advanced infantry training) lasted twelve weeks, though this was shortened to nine (and without AIT) during the Guild Wars.

Marine SCR Art1

Confederate marines

There was an unspoken code within the corps that marines didn't rat out other marines.[5]

A marine's standard equipment consisted of the C-14 rifle and CMC Powered Combat Suit.[3] When not in armor, attire consisted of regulation khaki when on patrol[6] and navy-blue[4] or white[5] dress uniforms in more controlled circumstances. The Corps maintained a long-standing rivalry with the Colonial Fleet. Marines instigating brawls or otherwise regarded as troublemakers were liable to be neurally resocialized to prevent further incidents.[7] In spite of the Confederacy's areligious stance, the Confederate Marine Corps had chaplains in their service.[5]

The corps' media magazine was called Battle Flag.[4]

Known ActionsEdit

Guild WarsEdit

"For family, friends, and the Confederacy."

- Confederate Marine Corps motto stated by Gunnery Sergeant Farley, while recruiting a young Jim Raynor(src)

Heaven's Devils SC2 Art3

The Heaven's Devils

The Corps carried numerous actions against the Kel-Morian Combine before and during the Guild Wars on worlds such as Sonyan and Onuru Sigma in the years leading up to the conflict.[4] During the conflict itself, the CMC saw action in battlefields such as Gamma Dorian,[8] Dylar IV, Char and Turaxis II.[5]


It is known that at least one force of marines was stationed on Chau Sara at the time of the protoss attack, the same unit being stationed at Fire Base Chimera on Mar Sara, where they defended themselves against zerg attack.[9] In the last days of the planet, a platoon under Lieutenant L. Z. Breanne was dispatched to recover a psi emitter, making a last stand against the zerg to buy time for the evacuation of the planet.[10]

Home GroundEdit

Marine SC2 CineTrail1

The CMC on Tarsonis

Just prior to the zerg invasion of Tarsonis, the 22nd Confederate Marine Division was employed in the search for November Terra for recruitment into the Ghost Program.[11] During the invasion itself, the CMC tried to keep the zerg contained, but ultimately failed.[12]

With the collapse of the Confederacy, the remnants of the Confederate Marine Corps were forcibly conscripted into its Terran Dominion counterpart. [13]

Known UnitsEdit

"Some of you will lead-and others will follow. Those who lead must spend lives wisely-and those who follow must give themselves gladly. For you share a common bond, and when you die, it will be for each other."

- Gunnery Sergeant Travis(src)

Known MembersEdit

"'Old at thirty' was not on any of the recruiting posters."

- Ardo Melnikov on the Confederate Marine Corps(src)

Commissioned Officers

Non-Commissioned Officers




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