Cooldown is a measurement of time between a unit's attacks.


In StarCraft, the cooldown is measured in frames per second, which is 15 frames per second on Normal, 24 frames on Fastest.

Special abilities do not necessarily have a cooldown time. Several units have upgrades or abilities that change their cooldown time, such as the stimpack ability for marines and firebats, or the Adrenal Glands upgrade for zerglings. Devourers are dangerous air-to-air units as they inflict a delay of 1 and increase damage taken by 1. The queen's Ensnare ability also slows down enemy attacks.

Some special units (such as Fenix) have a different cooldown than the base unit. This is not directly viewable in StarEdit, but can be measured with programs such as DatEdit.

StarCraft IIEdit

In StarCraft II, the cooldown is measured in seconds between attacks, as in Warcraft III.[1]


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