"The sky is my battlefield."

- A corsair pilot(src)

The corsair is a protoss anti-air-fighter spacecraft.[1]


Corsair SC-FM Art1

The corsair

The corsair is a fast, and agile medium-sized warship, built by the Dark Templar.[2]

Corsairs are armed with twin neutron flares to attack ships,[1] and are strictly anti-air weapons.[3] Additionally, corsair pilots can focus their psionic powers through neutron emitters against ground targets,[1] creating a "disruption web"—a field of psionic static that disrupts the brain's neural pathways as well as any computer-directed targeting systems. This disruption renders inaccurate all ground-based fire (including from base defense structures) within the web.[3] This ability makes the corsair a valuable unit for siege warfare.[1]

A Void energy catalyst is located in the center of the ship's guns.[3]


The Nerazim constructed the corsair to safeguard their nomadic fleets. Following the reunification of the Dark Templar with the Khalai, it became a versatile component of the combined fleet.[2]

By the Second Great War, the corsairs, along with the scouts, were being replaced by phoenix in the main fleet.[4] During the End War in 2506, the loss of the Golden Armada to Amon convinced the Daelaam to recommission the corsairs for service.[5]

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The cancelled StarCraft II escort resembled the corsair.

According to the war council in Legacy of the Void, corsairs were decommissioned shortly after the Fall of Aiur.[5] This stands in contrast to other sources of information which state that its phasing out was more gradual,[4][3] along with arguably their presence in StarCraft: Brood War.


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