Specialist Cranston was a resocialized marauder who served in Brute Squad. He served under the Terran Dominion, but was transferred with the rest of the squad to work in the Moebius Corps.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Cranston was a resocialized marauder who fought with Brute Sqaud. It was rumored that the first resocialization procedure did not take, so it was necessary to repeat the procedure, which caused permanent brain damage. This resulted him in being mute, but according to Commander Dorian, an effective soldier. He served on Korhal, Ghobi Station, Pantera Prime and Braxis in service of the Dominion, and was transferred to the Moebius Foundation with the rest of his squad after a series of backroom deals.

Sector Six[edit | edit source]

Dorian provided heavy support for Brute Squad's operation on Beta Saul to extract a xel'naga relic, suppressing the Players' Club pirates with punisher grenades. After a successful operation, he and the squad would go to the Revanscar facility, and put under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Sparks, who assigned them to security for Sector Six. After Professor Benz used an experimental plasma gun to shoot up the sector while muttering insane gibberish, the squad began to suspect there was something amiss in the sector, though Cranston did not show any emotion on the matter.

While the other squad members were beginning to experience the strange effects of the facility, such as hearing voices and scratching on the walls, Cranston appeared immune to it all. Eventually, Brute Squad mutinied and raided Black Wing in order to kill whatever was causing the psychic disturbances in Sector Six, but by that time Bekkins, Spanneti and Hopper had already turned to hybrid control. Cranston's resocialization made him immune to the effects of the hybrid however, and the rest of the squad shot up the technicians in the room while Dorian was distracted fighting Sparks, shooting and killing Cranston with lethal rounds. They blamed the slaughter on a burst of insanity from Cranston, but Dorian realized that they would needed to have had lethal rounds to kill him, which were inside their suits. By the time he realized his squad's betrayal however, it was too late, and the hybrid dominated Dorian's mind.

References[edit | edit source]

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