Crazy Bob's Bazaar is an arms dealership operated by "Crazy Bob", found on the downloadable map Bazaar.

It sells weapons at low prices, and anything they don't sell would get taxed by the Confederate Revenue Service.

Crazy Bob doesn't care where he gets weapons such as zerg and protoss units or advanced battlecruiser prototypes, and thinks his customers should only care about the low prices.

Crazy Bob's Bazaar does not accept responsibility for problems with sales or products. "Errors in pricing as a result of misprints, typos, or any other error in communication channels will not be honored. All merchandise is sold "as is", and Crazy Bob's Bazaar will not be held liable for any known or unknown defects in the merchandise sold. Crazy Bob's Bazaar is not responsible for any loss of equipment, material, or life that may result from the purchase or use of any merchandise purchased at Crazy Bob's Bazaar. Terms of the sales are subject to change at any time as Crazy Bob sees fit. Do not taunt the Crazy Bob."

Jimmy Jo Jameson is a very satisfied customer of Crazy Bob's Bazaar.


Crazy Bob's Bazaar sells a variety of units and equipment, listed here:





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