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"Creeper strain: tunnels through planet's crust. Appears at location of choice."

The creeper is a variant strain of the swarm host that appears in Heart of the Swarm.[1] It is an alternate evolution to the Carrion strain.


During Kerrigan's resurgence, Abathur discovered the creeper strain in an ash worm. After collecting the ash worm's essence, the creeper was formed. The ash worm is able to secrete enzymes to break apart the soil for fast travel. The creeper instead uses creep as a substitute for the enzymes to produce a similar effect.[2]

Game Unit[]

The creeper is able to generate creep while burrowed or rooted. Its deep tunnel ability allows it to quickly travel to any location with creep.

Creepers are better defensively than the carrion strain due to their ability to rapidly reposition themselves for base defense. Thanks to their creep generation, they can also be very useful when paired with swarm queens, setting up forward creep positions with creep tumors. Using this combination can let the creepers fall back to quickly defend a base, then return to the front after they finish dealing with the threat.


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