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Crossfire is a 4 player StarCraft: Brood War map.[1]

StarCraft II[]

Crossfire is a 2 player StarCraft II map set on Aiur.

In it, there are many paths to the enemy. A mobile army is crucial to securing additional expansions. The xel'naga towers provide vision over key locations.[2]
It is effectively a remake of the Brood War map Peaks of Baekdu.

A modified version, Crossfire SE, exists. It made its debut in the GSTL1 and is currently in the GSL, MLG and TSL map pool. The following changes were made:[3]

  • Ramp to the main has been made standard size
  • Expansion at 3 and 9 are smaller
  • Middle side paths smaller (to expansion)
  • Primary ramp to center high ground widened
  • Doodad trees added in un-pathable areas


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