Cruxas III was a planet occupied by the Terran Dominion during the Second Great War. The Dominion housed a large military force on this planet, including several nuclear silos. During Kerrigan's resurgence, Cruxas III came under attack by a zerg brood under the command of broodmother Kilysa.

Plot branch : Kerrigan chooses to evolve the Swarm Host

Abathur discovered a native species of carrion wasps on the planet in the city of New Babylon. He determined that the essence of this species would enable the swarm host to produce flying locusts. After assimilating the essence from a carrion nest, Abathur created the carrion strain of the swarm host. Kerrigan tested these new swarm hosts on two Dominion nuclear silos that were out of reach of Kilysa's ground forces. Both silos were destroyed.[1]


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