Crystallis is a multiplayer map for StarCraft: Brood War. It supports two players.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Huge portions of the map are covered with a forest of low yield mineral patches (all patches have 48 units) which prevent early game harassment. Continuous mining is required not only to acquire vespene gas but to open a path to the opponent.

Terran players (and to a certain degree zerg since they need to build lots of hatcheries anyway) have an advantage regarding mining, since they can lift off their command center and move it whenever a batch of minerals is depleted.

Melee units are only useful when a lot of transporters are available or most of the minerals have been removed so the emphasis should be put on air and long ranged units (siege tanks).

When played on singleplayer, the zerg AI is known to not put much emphasis on warrior breeds, and the protoss mass zealots (useless due to the mineral fields), with few dragoons as backup.

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