Daggoth's Renegade Swarm, also known as the Renegade Zerg or simply the Renegades, was a zerg organization under the command of Senior Cerebrate Daggoth, formed after the death of the Overmind. Its base was on Char.



Not long after the Overmind's death on Aiur, Daggoth, knowing that cerebrates were not designed to sustain themselves without their master,[1] ordered a number of other cerebrates to merge to form a new Overmind on Char,[2] near the Khalis crystal[3] that the Dark Templar left behind on their previous visit to the ash planet.[1] However, this Overmind was too young, and with the original Overmind destroyed, Sarah Kerrigan was released from its control.[2] Thus, there was a dispute between Kerrigan and Daggoth for control, which ended with the division into two parts of the Zerg Swarm: Daggoth's Renegade Swarm and Kerrigan's Zerg Swarm.[4]

The Brood WarEdit

Meanwhile, on Aiur, the war between the zerg and protoss had killed much of the population of Aiur,[5] and led to the collapse and fall of the Conclave.[6]

The survivors of Aiur, under the command of Aldaris, Executor Artanis and Dark Templar Prelate Zeratul, crossed the zerg defenses and reached the warp gate. With the help of Jim Raynor and Fenix, they traveled through the warp gate to Shakuras, the Dark Templar homeworld. However, Daggoth's Renegade Swarm followed them through the gate.[7][6]


Two cerebrates made it to Shakuras, and knowing the importance of the xel'naga temple, they set themselves around it. However, the Dark Templar managed to break through the zerg defenses and destroy the cerebrates.[8]

During the protoss search for the Khalis crystal, the new Overmind's forces attempted to halt them. However, the protoss and Kerrigan's combined forces managed to retrieve the crystal.[9]

After Kerrigan's treachery and Aldaris's death,[10] the protoss, harnessing the powers of the crystals, activated the temple, obliterating the zerg on Shakuras, a crushing defeat for Daggoth.[11] Through this victory, the protoss also unwillingly helped Kerrigan to weaken Daggoth's forces, contributing to her ascent at the end of the Brood War.[12]


An expeditionary force from the United Earth Directorate entered the Koprulu Sector to take control of the zerg and pacify the terran and protoss colonies.[5]

After the UED takeover of the Terran Dominion, Admiral Gerard DuGalle ordered the fleet to head to Char to capture the Overmind. With the help of a device they found, the UED managed to break through most of the Renegade defenses, leaving only three cerebrates in command of the second Overmind's defenses. Daggoth's efforts were not sufficient to hold back the forces of the UED, who managed to take control of the Overmind and all of Daggoth's Swarm under its control in the form of the UED Slave Broods.[13] In the aftermath of the Brood War, all cerebrates in command of the renegade swarm were hunted down and killed by Kerrigan.[14]


Scattered feral broods from Daggoth's Renegade Swarm were spotted up to the Second Great War. In the late stages of the conflict, Abathur discovered lurkers from Daggoth's Renegade Swarm on the planet Cavir that had survived the Brood War, and noted them for potential assimilation into Kerrigan's Swarm.[15]


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