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"You are a mere youngling, recently brought to the Swarm. I have served countless lifetimes, and ever have my mind and the Overmind's been one."

- Daggoth to Sarah Kerrigan(src)

Daggoth, the Overmind's right hand and one of its greatest cerebrates, was the master of the Tiamat Brood, the largest and most powerful brood within the Zerg Swarm. Daggoth served the Overmind with ferocity and valor.[1] In order to support his own operations, Daggoth had access to the Hunter Killer, a special and powerful type of hydralisk.[2][3]

Daggoth was easily one of the strongest willed cerebrates, often advising other cerebrates as to how they could best serve the Overmind,[1] even issuing orders to other cerebrates.[4]


Like all cerebrates, Daggoth was created to help the Overmind keep control over the Zerg Broods.[1]

The Great War[]

"My Brood shall aid you, Cerebrate, should you require assistance."

- Daggoth aids the junior cerebrate during the escape from Tarsonis(src)

Daggoth during the Great War

While a full account of Daggoth's activities is not available, it is known that he provided considerable assistance and advice to the newest cerebrate of the swarm, created partway through the Great War, and the newly infested Sarah Kerrigan in her first days of life as part of the swarm.

Daggoth advised the cerebrate as the cerebrate protected Sarah Kerrigan's chrysalis - teaching the new cerebrate how to build a colony on Tarsonis[5] and later providing the young cerebrate with a few Hunter Killers to aid in transporting the chrysalis away from the former Confederate homeworld to Char.[2] After General Edmund Duke's attack on Char to reclaim Kerrigan was repelled, Daggoth ordered the new cerebrate to hold its position[6] while it gave chase.[7]

When Queen of Blades awoke from the chrysalis, she immediately sought to unravel the ghost conditioning that kept her psionic powers in check, opting to infiltrate the science vessel Amerigo to acquire details of her mental conditioning. Daggoth aided this mission by providing Hunter Killers.[3]

After Zasz was slain and the Overmind was paralyzed by the Dark Templar, Zeratul, Daggoth filled in for the Overmind's absence and issued the necessary commands to maintain the Zerg Swarm including ordering the destruction of Zasz's Garm Brood and sending his own forces against the offending protoss forces,[4] though Kerrigan would perform the latter task. [8] Upon the Overmind's reawakening, it informed the cerebrates of Zeratul's involvement, prompting Daggoth to make a plot to destroy the Dark Templar. While sending Kerrigan out to act as a lure, the junior cerebrate sent its forces to surround the Dark Templar and destroy them. Daggoth provided oversight for the mission by monitoring the junior cerebrate's troop placements - specifically, the overlords which could detect the Dark Templar - and ensuring that they never moved out of position sufficiently to allow the Dark Templar to escape.[9] Though the mission was a success, the protoss forces on Char had not been completely destroyed and Zeratul remained alive.

Daggoth went with the majority of the Zerg Swarm as it began its invasion of the protoss homeworld of Aiur. He monitored the battle to retrieve the powerful khaydarin crystals and celebrated once they had been claimed, stating, "now, all shall tremble before the might of the Swarm!"[10]

The Brood War[]

After the Overmind's death, Daggoth took command of the surviving cerebrates.

The cerebrates were not designed to exist without their creator, and so Daggoth felt compelled to rebuild the Overmind.[11] Daggoth ordered several other cerebrates to merge into a new Overmind. It was immature and unable to properly command the Swarm, but Daggoth, with the help of his fellow cerebrates, retained control over several broods,[12] forming a faction that Kerrigan referred to as the Renegade Swarm. The new Overmind nestled near the powerful Khalis crystal.[13] During the Brood War, Daggoth took control of approximately half[14] or more of the Zerg Swarm.[12]

The United Earth Directorate later took control of the second Overmind and enslaved much of the zerg as UED Slave Broods.[15] In response, Kerrigan formed an Alliance, and coerced Zeratul into helping to slay the second Overmind.[16]

The Fate of Daggoth[]

Kerrigan quickly destroyed the other cerebrates.[17] Daggoth did not survive past the Overmind's destruction.[11][note 1]

Game Structure[]


While Daggoth has identical game stats and abilities as other cerebrates, his unit portrait is different. Throughout StarCraft: Brood War, his portrait is used, in place of the Overmind's, on virtually all zerg structures.

StarCraft: The Board Game[]

Daggoth appears as a special deployable structure for the Overmind faction in the Brood War expansion to StarCraft: The Board Game. His name is misspelled as "Doggath."[18]


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