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"You need new friends so you can start with me! I'm Dahlia!"

- Dahlia introduces herself(src)

Dahlia is a young terran girl who lives on the Umojan Protectorate world of Aeneas. She often carried a teddy bear which she cared for, even giving it a seat at their dinner table.


Dahlia's mother Sarah was killed when her starship was raided by a group of pirates. She was then raised by her father Frank, who struggled to provide but got by. She studied history, math and how to grow plants.

As they were transported down to her father's job at Spearpoint Base, Dahlia and her father were on a ship bound for Aeneas. She met a boy named Caleb, not knowing that he'd been associated with the same pirates who'd killed her mother. Seeing that he was alone, she offered to be friends with him, but before he could respond, Frank called her back, telling her to leave the boy alone despite her protests that she'd just made a new friend. Frank met Caleb, and told him that if he had nowhere to go, he could always ask him for help.

Caleb and Frank went to work at Spearpoint Base, and Dahlia would always ask after him. Finally, after much goading from Frank, Caleb met them for dinner. Dahlia told him of her dreams to be a farmer, and Caleb told him of his time growing up as a farmer, though veered the topic to the death of his friend Kyra. Dahlia apologized, but Frank told her there was no way she could have known. The dinner was broken with a scream from outside, when Caleb and Frank's coworker Russell was killed.[1]

As Caleb got closer to his coworkers, he would come by and visit Dahila for dinners.[2] One night at dinner Caleb, Frank and Dahlia discussed the shadowguard who had arrived at the base, with Dahlia admiring their powerful abilities.

Not long after, Frank was killed by a renegade Nerazim who was committing a spree of murders in the base, with the aid of Caleb.[3] After the base erupted into chaos, Caleb made her and Frank's mutual friend Ida promise he would take care of Dahlia as they left the planet. Dahlia was evacuated along with a number of other children as the Tal'darim Death Fleet destroyed Spearpoint Base.[4]


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