Daisy is a dancer and entertainer who works at Wicked Wayne's. She was a favorite of regular patron Tychus Findlay.


In the 2490s, Tychus would regularly pay for Daisy's services, but would not pay her off, leading to outstanding debt. However, she would still continue to service him, in spite of complaints. After stealing a planet-hopper in 2494, Tychus had Daisy go to the office of Marshal Wilkes Butler to taunt him. However, Daisy ended up selling Tychus out as payback for Tychus's outstanding debts.

Later, after Tychus returned to the bar, Daisy seduced Tychus into a backroom, and handcuffed him to the bed. She revealed that she had contacted the authorities, and prepared to knock him unconscious with a needle filled with a sedative. Tychus broke out of his handcuffs, and knocked her out with a punch. Naked, he fled the bar with Jim Raynor, stating that Daisy's betrayal had made him not wish to patronize Wicked Wayne's anymore.


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