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Dark Templar may refer to:


  • The Nerazim, also known as the Dark Templar faction.


"You could no more evade my wrath than you could your own shadow."

- Protoss dark templar(src)

Dark templar are protoss stealth harassment warriors. They were present as special units in the original StarCraft and could be built in the expansion.


Main article: Dark templar (hero)

Dark templar could not be created in the original StarCraft. They were given to players as special units at the start of two protoss campaign missions. They had slightly different stats from the Brood War version, and could not create dark archons.

Brood WarEdit

DarkTemplar SC1 GameAnim1

Dark Templar in-game

In Brood War, dark templar were buildable units (statistics apply to Brood War units). They were frequently used in rushes, in which the attacking player tried to destroy their opponent before they could develop adequate detection.

StarCraft: GhostEdit

DarkTemplar SC-G Cncpt1

StarCraft: Ghost Dark Templar concept art

There is evidence to suggest that the Dark Templar were set to appear in StarCraft: Ghost. Although most artwork likely relates to the characters such as Zangakkar, there is enough variation (such as in gender) to suggest a variety of dark templar.

StarCraft IIEdit

In StarCraft II, dark templar appear in two models randomly chosen when the unit is created (representing the Lenassa and Zer'atai clans). In Co-op Missions, Zeratul can field a variant named the void templar.


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