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The Dark Templar Exile Ship was the xel'naga ship used to exile the Dark Templar from Aiur.

It was curving and luminous and could be entered with a ramp. The ship was sealed by a huge door.[1]


When the xel'naga abandoned Aiur, they left behind a number of ships.[2] The Conclave kept the ships secret. It took them hundreds of years just to get inside one, and afterward it became the template of much protoss technology.[1]

Under the leadership of Kortanul in approximately 1500 by terran reckoning, the Conclave began a secret campaign of hunting and executing rogue protoss who refused to join the Khala. The Conclave expected Adun, Executor of the Templar, to capture the rogues that the Conclave had identified and located, and then execute them. Adun secretly refused the orders, instead faking their executions and attempting to teach them how to hide from the Conclave. This failed as the rogues lost control of their powers, creating massive psionic storms which spiraled out of control.[1]

The Conclave was greatly angered and wished to kill the rogues themselves, but Adun told them that if they did so, he would reveal the rogues to the greater protoss society. Desperate to get rid of these rogues, the Conclave decided to exile them onto the xel'naga vessel. According to Vetraas, hundreds of them boarded the ship.[1] Adun had insisted on sending several protoss ships with them.[2]

The rogues aboard the vessel would be referred to as the Dark Templar[3] or Nerazim.[2] On board the ship, they were able to glean much knowledge. This included the technology that would allow the creation of the warp blade.[4]

Shortly afterward the small fleet discovered Ehlna. Discovering a xel'naga-crafted warp gate, the Dark Templar settled there. They discovered a source of khaydarin crystals, which had been modified by combinations of energies to hold memories. Lacking preservers of their own, the Dark Templar revered these.

The Dark Templar remained there for two centuries. Eventually the majority of the Dark Templar left, but some, the Alysaar, remained. The Dark Templar left three ships on Ehlna, one of which was capable of interstellar travel.[2]


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