Dark Whispers is the first mission of Whispers of Oblivion, the prequel campaign for Legacy of the Void.


Trail of SecretsEdit

"As it was foretold, Amon, the Dark God, lives again. If any hope remains for our galaxy, it lies in the hands of the xel'naga. Only one piece of the prophecy remains unfulfilled: that on the world where Amon was reborn, the last light will be revealed."

Dark Prelate Zeratul had spent the past six years pursuing means to prevent the rise of Amon and his hybrid. While he had helped fulfill most of the prophecy, one piece still eluded him, that the last light would be revealed on the world Amon was reborn on. Zeratul knew of only one creature who would know this location, Emil Narud, known to the terrans as Duran, who had died at the hands of Sarah Kerrigan. However, he gambled that his data may be found in a Moebius Corps facility.

Zeratul was contacted by Praetor Talis, who had been investigating protoss disappearances from their colony worlds, and who had tracked them to the Moebius facility. The two agreed to join forces to rescue the Templar trapped there.[1]


"The terrans... tortured us, experimented on our flesh. Most did not survive."

- Freed Zealot(src)

Zeratul and Talis arrived, only to find the facility under attack by Kerrigan and her Zerg Swarm. Kerrigan refused to halt her attack for Zeratul, as it was a breeding ground for the hybrid. Zeratul marshaled his forces and engaged the Moebius forces in the facility, who were now mindless thralls in service of the hybrid.

Zeratul freed the first group of zealots, who revealed Moebius was experimenting on their flesh. This confused Zeratul, as Narud was dead. As they pushed in, they discovered an experimental pylon that allowed terrans to use warp in technology, that could be destroyed and turned back to protoss use.

Zeratul pushed further in, eventually encountering hybrid forces. The combined protoss force was able to rescue all Templar before Kerrigan destroyed the facility.[2]


"The Atrias system! This is where Amon was reborn-deep within the sigma quadrant, and under Tal'darim guard."

- Zeratul(src)

The last group rescued revealed to Zeratul that it was the Tal'darim who were abducting protoss and bringing them to Moebius stations to be turned into hybrid. They also revealed that they were brought to the Temple of Erris, an ancient xel'naga temple, but they did not know where it was located. Zeratul accessed the Moebius computers, revealing the temple's location in the Atrias system on the planet Atrias, deep within the sigma quadrant. Zeratul decided that it was necessary to investigate this, and Talis stated she was honor bound to help him after he helped achieve her mission.[2]


In this mission the player starts in the southeast corner of the map, and must fight through a gauntlet of Moebius Corps forces in order to save groups of protoss before Kerrigan destroys the main reactor. This requires the player to both move quickly, as Kerrigan moves in regular intervals and clear bases fairly quickly, and have a solid defense, as Moebius Corps sends forces to attack at regular intervals.

Colossi, immortals, and stalkers are a good combination, as they will quickly destroy ground units while covering against air units. Watch for ravens, as they will use seeker missile at every given opportunity and can destroy a mismanaged army. Place pylons forward to reinforce warriors, and take the expansion that will be open shortly after the second group of zealots are rescued.

The first few lines of defense lack detection, and as such dark templar can be used to clear them out while the player builds up defenses. In addition, attack waves on the player's base have no detection, which make two dark templar a powerful defensive option. Beware though as much of the enemy's attacks consist of air units, and photon cannons or stalkers must be left behind to deal with them.

If running up against the clock, it is possible to dive the last prison cell and move through the defenders, as it does not have too much health. The last cell is heavily defended by hybrid, thors and siege tanks, so fighting through will take a substantially large force and a decent amount of time.

During the first two attack waves, the player can take one or two stalkers and lead the zerg forces northwest of their base, and they will begin attacking the Moebius Corps defenses there. If the stalkers manage to make it up the first ramp, the zerg forces will follow and eliminate all of the Moebius Corps defenses as well as clearing the first primary objective. After this, the wave will remain at that location and not move, essentially eliminating the zerg as a threat in the mission.

It is possible to destroy the zerg base. However its destruction will not be acknowledged in-game and the player will continue to receive scripted warnings about incoming zerg attacks.



DarkWhispers SC2-LotV AchieveIcon1 Dark Whispers

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete the "Dark Whispers" mission in the Whispers of Oblivion Campaign

DarkWhispers SC2-LotV AchieveIcon2 Massive Aggressive

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Destroy 30 Zerg units during the "Dark Whispers" mission

DarkWhispers SC2-LotV AchieveIcon3 World of Warpcraft

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Destroy 6 Terran units as they are warped in during the "Dark Whispers" mission in Normal difficulty


The achievement name is a reference to the Blizzard Entertainment video game World of Warcraft.



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