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"Fear not, comrades, for we have archons of our own! Should the dire need arise, all Dark Templar may merge to become Dark Archons. Though we sacrifice our warriors in doing so, only the might of the Dark Archons can match the forces of Aldaris!"

A dark archon

The dark archon is a heavy protoss psionic support unit.


A dark archon radiating energy

"Our existence... is suffering... do not prolong it."

- A dark archon(src)

Like their high templar brethren, two dark templar sacrifice themselves in a psionic melding giving rise to the dark archon. The powers of dark archons extend well beyond those of the regular archon, more than compensating for their lack of any physical attack capability.[1]

The burning, crimson figure of the dark archon spreads fear across any battlefield. These powerful creatures of living psionic energy embody the eternal wrath of the Dark Templar. Dark archons wield psionic powers of the Void.[2]

Under ordinary circumstances, the chaotic and unstable energies of a dark archon will cause it to burn itself out and dissipate after a short period of time. Thus far, only Ulrezaj has found a way to avoid this fate and prolong his own unnatural existence. His abilities were markedly different from other dark archons.[3] Dark archons have claimed that their existence is one of suffering.[4]


A dark archon during the Brood War

During their long exile, the Dark Templar have faced many challenges. Struggling and adapting their arsenal of skills and converting their biology to suit their harsh environment ultimately resulted in the dark archon.[1] They are so powerful that the Dark Templar outlawed their creation for a thousand years[2] out of fear.[3]

The creation of dark archons was finally allowed after the Khalai came to Shakuras, the Dark Templar homeworld. Matriarch Raszagal and Zeratul authorized their use due to Aldaris's rebellion, which included archons fighting on the side of the insurgents.[5] This was the first that the Khalai had ever seen or even heard of a dark archon[6] and considered them to be abominations.[3]

Zamara identified Ulrezaj as the only existing dark archon years after the Brood War.[6]

In 2506 during the End War, the threat of Amon moved the protoss to authorize the creation of dark archons again.[7]

Game Unit[]

Brood War[]

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StarCraft: Ghost[]

In early builds of StarCraft: Ghost, a dark archon fusion of the Nerazim warriors Aura'Khan and Solar'a was going to play a role in the boss fight against the spectre Vulcan, helping Nova defeat him.[8]

StarCraft II[]

A trio of dark archons

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Known Dark Archons[]

A dark archon

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