"Prelate Zeratul, we are currently tracking Protoss signatures emanating from an uncharted moon nearby. Our records do not indicate that there has ever has been a Protoss settlement in this quadrant."

A dark moon was discovered by Zeratul en route to Shakuras.

After being allowed to leave Char by the Queen of Blades, Zeratul's companions detected protoss energy signatures on the dark moon, even though it had never been colonized by protoss. Zeratul decided to investigate, hoping to find Artanis or other survivors of the protoss fleet.

Sensors detected a small terran compound near the source of the energy signatures. Zeratul went to the surface and fought his way past Clandestine Mercenaries, finding several stasis cells containing protoss and zerg. The terrans also had photon cannons and pylons, which they were having trouble utilizing.[1]

The final stasis cell was found to contain a protoss/zerg hybrid. Samir Duran then made his presence known to reveal that the hybrid was one of many that he had seeded on different worlds and that the universe would be changed forever when they awakened.[1] Zeratul destroyed the creature and the facility.[2] Deeply troubled by what he had seen, Zeratul returned to his ship and departed.[1]


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