Data cores are buildings used by the Moebius Foundation to store data regarding the location of the xel'naga artifacts.


Three of these data cores were present on Tyrador VIII and contained the locations of the remaining artifacts the Moebius Foundation had hired Jim Raynor and his Raiders to collect. During the Second Great War, Kerrigan and her Swarm invaded Tyrador VIII, with the goal of hacking into the cores and locating the remaining artifacts. Because she didn't know precisely which buildings housed the relevant data, Kerrigan was forced to search every building in her path.

Dr. Emil Narud sent Moebius Security forces to eliminate the data cores, but the zerg overwhelmed and trapped his men. Narud subsequently contacted Raynor and asked for assistance in destroying the cores. The Raiders, aided by the surviving Moebius forces, destroyed all three data cores before the Queen of Blades could access any of them. The terrans then evacuated the planet.[1]


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