Dave (also known as "Big Wave Dave") was a thruster boarder from Santori Isle on the planet Miranar. After being involved in a bar fight, he was sentenced to ten years in the Dominion Marine Corps. He served with Rho Squadron, and was killed on Seti.


Dave was a native of Santori Isle on Miranar, and was part of the Screaming Sixes thruster boarding club. He was known for his hot temper, which got him into trouble when tourists began hitting on a local woman in Bar Method. Dave got into a fight with a large group and put a number of them in the hospital. The Dominion Marine Corps, admiring a man who could fight that well, gave him the choice of ten years in the marine corps or forty years in prison. He chose the Marine Corps, though was disappointed that he had to cut his dreadlocks. In boot camp, he was given steroids and stimulants that gave him nearly 50 pounds of muscle.

Dave was assigned to Rho Squadron, and kept a bar of Mr. Snorggs's Thruster Wax to remind him of home. Occasionally, he would smell the piece of plastic to remind him of what he was fighting for, ignoring the comments from his squadmates. As criminal recruits did not get R&R, Dave had to turn to only gambling and Scotty Bolger's Old No. 8 Whiskey for pleasure. He was a regular fixture at the squad poker games.

During his station on Seti, the base's sensor tower malfunctioned allowing a group of zerglings to enter the barracks. Dave, drunk from last night, did not get up to the alarms, and was attacked by a zergling in his bunk. Virgil Caine and Birch managed to kill the beast on top of him, but not before it had killed Dave. Virgil kept the thruster wax he carried in serve as a reminder of him.[1]


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