Davis's compound is a large manor located on the planet Vardona, and the home of General Carolina Davis. It served as a testing ground for Terran Dominion, and later Defenders of Man technologies.

ArcturusMengsk SC2-NCO Game1

Mengsk statues within the compound

The manor was a large sprawling estate, with various conference rooms, research labs, armories and a large hangar bay. Davis's chambers overlook the nearby city, and was protected by two security rooms that sealed the door to her chambers if needed. Various statues of former-emperor Arcturus Mengsk could be found around the estate. The estate could be accessed through a sewer system that ran under the structure, though labs and guards were stationed inside the sewers. The complex contained a room for workers and scientists to exercise.

Due to her high rank in the Dominion, Davis's compound received substantial military funding, allowing for the structure to double as a testing ground for experimental technology. During the Defenders of Man Insurgency, after Carolina Davis schemed to bring down Emperor Valerian Mengsk, she used this structure as one of the main strongholds for the Defenders of Man. The base held the technology for holding and mind wiping Terran Dominion ghosts to ensure their loyalty to the defenders. Experiments in the northeastern section of the manor included experimenting on stalker blink technology, integrating it into a phase reactor suit. In addition, special ordinance was tested near the hangar bay, as was technology for a blazefire gunblade. Labs in the sewers experimented on the indoctrination visor. Experiments on cloaking technology for siege tanks and thors were done beneath the compound.

InEnemyShadow NCO Game1

The sewers under Davis's compound

In the late stages of the Insurgency, Emperor Valerian Mengsk agreed to announce his resignation outside of Davis's compound. However, unbeknownst to Davis Agent Nova Terra was sent in through the sewers. She broke into the compound, and discovered her old squadmates Pierce and Delta Emblock mind wiped in holding cells. She undid the security to Davis's chambers, but encountered her other squadmate Stone, had been mind wiped into believing Nova had betrayed her squad. Nova incapacitated Stone, and arrested Davis in her office.[1]


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