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Davis was a Terran Dominion marine assigned under Captain Barlow.


Davis was assigned under Captain Barlow's marine squad and served on her Liberator. They discovered an illegal Kel-Morian Combine salvage operation under Captain Theban of the Magpie, and captured the crew. Davis and her marines meanwhile explored the ship, trying to ascertain what had occurred on it, and discovered a number of protoss files.

As Barlow was interrogating Caleb, Davis burst in, and revealed what she had discovered: that Caleb's story of a cloaked attacker had truth to it. According to protoss logs, a Nerazim murderer had been imprisoned on the ship, and the logs ended before they could discover why the ship was derelict. They assumed the scavengers had released the prisoner, and Barlow ordered the protoss ship destroyed.

As they made preparations, the scavengers broke out of their cells and stormed the Liberator's bridge. As they prepared to destroy the protoss ship and the Magpie, Davis was shot on the side. In her last act, she activated the Liberator's Concord cannon, and destroyed the ship. She died shortly afterwards.[1]

The Nerazim assailant then spoke through Davis's corpse, telling the scavengers that they were all doomed to die. The scavengers shot her corpse in order to silence the Nerazim.[2]


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