Decals are rewards, similar to achievements, used to signify the number of StarCraft II games a player has won. They appear on and around buildings and on at least some units. Decals used with the protoss have a circle around them, and are player color. Decals used by the zerg are displayed on the creep surrounding a hatchery.

Decals can be used as sprays, allowing a worker to spray it up to five times on the battlefield. In Patch 3.16, sprays were considered separate from decals, but decals could still be set as sprays.

Terran DecalsEdit

Terran Decal Name Achievement
RaynorsRaiders SC2 Decal1 Raynor's Raiders Default
MarSaraSeperatists SC2 Decal1 Mar Sara Separatists Solo Terran 500
TerranMax SC2 Decal1 Terran Max Solo Terran 750
DMW SC2 Decal1 DMW Solo Terran 1000
PanTerran SC2 Decal1 Pan-Terran Solo Random 1000
MoebiusForces SC2 Decal1 Moebius Forces Team Terran 500
WarPigs SC2 Decal0 War Pigs Team Terran 750
TerranDominion SC2 Decal1 Terran Dominion Team Terran 1000
MirasMercs SC2 Decal1 Mira's Mercs Team Random 500
SpectreOps SC2 Decal1 Spectre Ops Team Random 1000
Civilian SC2-HotS Decal1 Civilian Terran Level 2
Recruit SC2-HotS Decal1 Recruit Terran Level 4
Marshall SC2-HotS Decal1 Marshal Terran Level 7
Vigilante SC2-HotS Decal1 Vigilante Terran Level 9
Renegade SC2-HotS Decal1 Renegade Terran Level 13
Mercenary SC2-HotS Decal1 Mercenary Terran Level 16
Soldier SC2-HotS Decal1 Soldier Terran Level 19
Officer SC2-HotS Decal1 Officer Terran Level 22
Commander SC2-HotS Decal1 Commander Terran Level 26
SonOfKorhal SC2-HotS Decal1 Son of Korhal Terran Level 28
Carbotterran DecalSC2 Carbot Terran Terran Level 32
Coop5Terran DecalSC2 Coop Award: Level 5 Terran into It

Protoss DecalsEdit

Protoss Decal Name Achievement
AkilaeTribe SC2 Decal1 Akilae Tribe Default
HybridHonors SC2 Decal1 Hybrid Honors Solo Protoss 500
JudicatorCaste SC2 Decal1 Judicator Caste Solo Protoss 750
DaelaamRegalia SC2 Decal1 Daelaam Regalia Solo Protoss 1000
TemplarCaste SC2 Decal1 Templar Caste Solo Random 750
SargasTribe SC2 Decal1 Sargas Tribe Team Protoss 500
LostTribe SC2 Decal1 Lost Tribe Team Protoss 750
Tal'darimStandard SC2 Decal1 Tal'darim Standard Team Protoss 1000
Initiate SC2-HotS Decal1 Initiate Protoss Level 2
Neophyte SC2-HotS Decal1 Neophyte Protoss Level 4
Adept SC2-HotS Decal1 Adept Protoss Level 7
Mentor SC2-HotS Decal1 Mentor Protoss Level 9
Instructor SC2-HotS Decal1 Instructor Protoss Level 13
Master SC2-HotS Decal1 Master Protoss Level 16
Templar SC2-HotS Decal1 Templar Protoss Level 19
Praetor SC2-HotS Decal1 Praetor Protoss Level 22
DarkPrelate SC2-HotS Decal1 Dark Prelate Protoss Level 26
Executor SC2-HotS Decal1 Executor Protoss Level 28
CarbotsProtoss SC2-HotS Decal1 Carbot Protoss Protoss Level 32
Coop5Protoss DecalSC2 Coop Award: Level 5 Professional Protoss

Zerg DecalsEdit

Zerg Decal Name Achievement
TheBrood SC2 Decal1 The Brood Default
CharBrood SC2 Decal1 Char Brood Solo Zerg 500
AiurBrood SC2 Decal1 Aiur Brood Solo Zerg 750
SpineBrood SC2 Decal1 Spine Brood Solo Zerg 1000
ClawBrood SC2 Decal1 Claw Brood Solo Random 500
RedstoneBrood SC2 Decal1 Redstone Brood Team Zerg 500
ZerusBrood SC2 Decal1 Zerus Brood Team Zerg 750
LostBrood SC2 Decal1 Lost Brood Team Zerg 1000
SkyBrood SC2 Decal1 Sky Brood Team Random 750
Drone SC2-HotS Decal1 Drone Zerg Level 2
Broodling SC2-HotS Decal1 Broodling Zerg Level 4
Predator SC2-HotS Decal1 Predator Zerg Level 7
Alpha SC2-HotS Decal1 Alpha Zerg Level 9
Slayer SC2-HotS Decal1 Slayer Zerg Level 13
Ravager SC2-HotS Decal1 Ravager Zerg Level 16
DevouringOne SC2-HotS Decal1 Devouring One Zerg Level 19
HunterKiller SC2-HotS Decal1 Hunter Killer Zerg Level 22
Torrasque SC2-HotS Decal1 Torrasque Zerg Level 26
BroodMaster SC2-HotS Decal1 Brood Master Zerg Level 28
CarbotsZerg SC2-HotS Decal1 Carbot Zerg Zerg Level 32
Coop5Zerg DecalSC2 Coop Award: Level 5 Just Swarming Up

Special DecalsEdit

Co-op MissionsEdit


The following decals can be used by all races.

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These decals were provided by the Chinese Collector's Edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.


The following are not used in the English localization of StarCraft II.


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