Deloria was a protoss member of the Khalai Caste.


Deloria and other Khalai were captured by Gestalt Zero, an enhanced ghost and imprisoned by Project Gestalt. She was implanted with a psi-inhibitor, cutting her off from the Khala and leaving her with suicidal powers.

Gestalt Zero eventually captured a former high templar, Muadun, who was also implanted with an inhibitor by project lead Dr. Stanley Burgess. After the surgery, Deloria explained the situation to him. Muadun told her not to give up hope.

Deloria and Muadun were subject to a new experiment by Burgess; he wanted to access the Khala. He strapped them to tables and slowly lowered their inhibitors as he tortured Deloria. However, this enabled Muadun to create psionic storms and escape.

Burgess sent Gestalt Zero to kill the protoss. Except for Muadun, all of the protoss were wounded. They took weapons from marines that Muadun had killed and tried to put up a fight. However, Zero's stealth ability was too much for them. He defeated them all.

The survivors were evacuated when the protoss fleet arrived and destroyed the project.[1]


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