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Delta Squadron was a military unit of the Terran Confederacy, consisting of multiple divisions.[1] Its role is not clearly described but appears to be a relatively large unit, given its ability to enforce a blockade on an entire planet (Antiga Prime).[2][3] Its squadron color was orange.[4]


Antiga PrimeEdit

After the failure and subsequent defection of Edmund Duke's Alpha Squadron to the Sons of Korhal on Antiga Prime, Delta Squadron was sent in order to carry out a massive blockade above the planet and surround the Sons of Korhal position on the ground. With such a movement, the Confederates hoped to prevent the rebels from spreading to other worlds and allowing the zerg to slowly consume them. However, due to the activation of a psi emitter in their base, courtesy of Arcturus Mengsk, the unit found itself under attack by the Swarm, both on the ground and in space. With this act, the Sons of Korhal broke the Confederate blockade, thus escaping the planet as the protoss arrived in order to incinerate it. Both the terrestrial and space forces were either wiped out or fled the battle.[2][3]

Defending TarsonisEdit

Delta Squadron troops defending the central space platform over Tarsonis were defeated by Alpha Squadron.[4] Elements of Delta Squadron also saw action on the planet's surface both before and during the zerg invasion of the planet.[3]

The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft that is ambiguously canonical.

A detachment of the Delta Squadron was stationed in the city of New Gettysburg to try to stop the advance of the Sons of Korhal and simultaneously defend several Confederate vital military installations. However, this detachment was destroyed along the Nova and Omega Squadrons respective detachments by the rebel strike force under Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan.[5]

Known MembersEdit


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