Demolition is a terran driving-based sport, similar to demolition derbies conducted on Earth in the 21st century.[1] In the Terran Dominion, it was a sport played in schools, and one that parents constantly tried to have banned but were unsuccessful in doing.[2]

The vehicles would go up to 190 miles per hour and run into one another, and the last machine standing that could still run would be the winner. Every year scores of young men and the occasional woman were hospitalized for severe burns, breaks, and bruises; a handful would die. In schools, good demolition players were considered celebrities among the students.[2]

3. Hellion Junker

A modified demolition hellion

Underground demolition leagues were also known to exist, but were run by the mob and involved rigged matches.[2]

Demolition players are known to use modified hellions for their sport. These modified hellions are commonly used by fringe world junker gangs. Some mercenary siege tanks were modified to be better suited to demolition matches.[3]

Known Teams and PlayersEdit

Bronsonville team

Centerville team


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