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Destructible rocks, (formerly known as obstruction rocks)[1][2] and also known as destructible debris,[3] are destructible objects that appear in StarCraft II.

Game Effect[]

Destructible rocks block strategic points on the map, such as ramps and passages, but can also be found on mining sites with golden minerals, where a command center, nexus, or hatchery would be built. In some cases the player needs to destroy it to build a command center, a hatchery or a nexus, near the minerals.

The rocks cannot be repaired, nor do they regenerate hit points.[4]

Heart of the Swarm[]

In the June 2012 build destructible rocks got a new model.[5][6]

"Collapsible rock tower or rock pillars" were introduced.[5]

Legacy of the Void[]

Rocks appear in the mission "Ghosts in the Fog". They must be destroyed to reveal vespene vents.


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