Destructible rocks, (formerly known as obstruction rocks)[1][2] and also known as destructible debris,[3] are destructible objects that appear in StarCraft II.

Game EffectEdit

Destructible rocks block strategic points on the map, such as ramps and passages, but can also be found on mining sites with golden minerals, where a command center, nexus, or hatchery would be built. In some cases the player needs to destroy it to build a command center, a hatchery or a nexus, near the minerals.

The rocks cannot be repaired, nor do they regenerate hit points.[4]

Heart of the SwarmEdit

In the June 2012 build destructible rocks got a new model.[5][6]

"Collapsible rock tower or rock pillars" were introduced.[5]

Legacy of the VoidEdit

Rocks appear in the mission "Ghosts in the Fog". They must be destroyed to reveal vespene vents.


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